by Brian Everett

Looking for some great equipment in the Live Music Capital of the World? Not only do these local HiFi shops keep things weird, they keep Austin audiophiles coming back for more.

WHETSTONE AUDIO | 2401 East 6th Street  

Whetstone Audio gets our nod as Austin’s premier hi-fi store. Brian DiFrank’s east Austin shop carries our favorite brands such as Rega, Naim, Harbeth & Dynavector and presents them to his customers without compromise. Brian encourages customers to come in with a stack of their own records, their favorite beverage, some friends and let the music do the talking. Whetstone also has hundreds of new and used records for sale. It’s all about the music at Whetstone. 

AUDIO SYSTEMS | 1102 West Koenig Lane

Audio Systems has been serving Austin residents some of the best hi-fi equipment since 1975.  This spacious, multi-room store is always in immaculate order and offers the most knowledgeable sales staff in the city.  They carry brands such as NAD, Rega, Peachtree, Audio Research, PSB, Sonus Faber and Magnepan. If you’re looking to “test-drive” your first audiophile-grade record player and want to be well-informed, we suggest you look no further than Audio Systems. 

SOUND GALLERY | 4930 South Congress Ave


Our jaw was on the floor the first time we walked into this South Austin sound playground. The Sound Gallery offers an unparalleled offering of vintage hi-fi, a damn fine selection of audiophile records and serves a great cup of coffee. But make no mistake about it; this place is all about vintage audio. Each piece is straight out of a 1960’s Popular Mechanics advertisement and is presented with great detail. We could spend hours looking, listening and learning. Such a rad joint!

END OF AN EAR | 2209 South First Street

One of our favorite record stores in Austin has quietly acquired a solid inventory of new and used hi-fi gear. End of an Ear recently doubled their square footage and has filled the space with a wide variety of components. This place has become a true one-stop music shop and we could argue that no business offers a better Austin experience.