by Brian Everett

If there’s one thing we love, it’s the thrill of the hunt at the local record store. In Austin there are plenty of places to shop for vinyl, but here are a few of our favorites. 



This bedrock establishment located on the west side of downtown Austin has been the city’s premier music outlet for the past 33 years. No other store in town offers a larger selection of CD’s and new vinyl or wider variety of Texas and local artists. There’s also a very healthy assortment of used vinyl, movies, t-shirts and gifts. Waterloo also recently began to carry proper HIFI equipment with brands such as Music Hall, Pro-ject, U-Turn, and Audioengine. We suggest visiting Waterloo during their Vinyl Happy Hour every Tuesday from 7PM -11PM for 10% off all non-sale priced vinyl.

END OF AN EAR I 2209 South 1st Street

End of an Ear.png

Austin’s most eclectic record store is a must stop shop for any Austin resident or visitor. This perfectly sized record shop in Austin’s famed 78704 neighborhood offers music crossing dozens of genres and in every format. Over the years we’ve come to notice that no other record store in town sells new vinyl and used CD’s at better prices. Be sure to check out End of an Ear’s killer selection of films, it’s rotating art installation as well as their inventory of music equipment (drums in particular) and Hi-Fi gear.

BREAKAWAY RECORDS I 211 West North Loop Blvd.

This spotless, well organized, shop gets our vote as the best record store north of downtown. One step into Breakaway and you’ll notice that something feels different. Perhaps it’s the old school cool vibe or maybe the effortless aesthetic. What we do know is that Breakaway must be experienced. We can’t stop browsing through their soul and R&B offerings, but we also love the posters and vintage accessories. If you’re hosting a house party, we suggest taking $50.00 and having their incredibly friendly and knowledgeable sales turn you into the well informed dance floor DJ you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

ANTONE’S RECORDS I 2928 Guadalupe Street #101

Antone’s. That name carries weight in this town. This campus area record store is the purveyor of Austin music. Antone’s might be the smallest store on our list, but it carries the finest selection of Texas blues and country on vinyl in both 33 and 78 RPM format. They also offer an incredible assortment of 7” records and memorabilia from the music venue that shares its name. We think the store could be a little more organized, but it also lends to its Mom & Pop nature. There are gems to be had at Antone’s Records. Start digging.